Monday, September 5, 2011

Who We Are.


Dry Goods

Inspired by the American Worker

I’m a son of a Southern American textile worker that has deep roots in the small, southern mill villages. My father, uncles and great-grandfather worked in the mills. My great-grandfather worked his whole life there and growing up in a small mill village you understand the importance of the American worker. Americana Dry Goods honors those workers from the mills to the mines of America.

Some of the goods that we craft are made only a handful at a time. We craft our leather goods of Horween Leather from Chicago, Illinois or other domestic tanneries. Our selvage canvas, denim, and chambray come from Cone Denim of Greensboro, North Carolina. All the hardware we use is sourced from Weaver’s Leather out of Mt Hope, Ohio. All these factories employ the American Worker, and the backbone and sprit of America.

Americana Dry Goods also offers pieces of Americana that we have carefully “picked” from all over the nation. When I’m not handcrafting goods, I’m out on the road being a “picker”. We sell anything from vintage work wear to vintage camping goods. Most of the items we sell have something to do with the American Worker. From the work clothes they wore to the weekend gear of the family camper. Our goal is to bring back the life of the American Worker and offer goods that are American made.

Shaun C. Garcia

Americana Dry Goods

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